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Spending Time In Clearwater

With buttery blue skies and breathtakingly unique beaches, there’s no better place to spend time in than Clearwater, Florida.

This has become a tourist hub with millions of people come to the shores of Clearwater with the hopes of enjoying what this region has to offer. For those who are going to be exploring different parts of Clearwater, it’s important to understand what it means to be here.

Let’s take a look at a few things you need to do!

1) Clearwater Beach

When you’re coming to a place like Clearwater, it’s all about heading to the beach and soaking up the beautiful setting.

With a name like “Clearwater,” you will know it’s important to truly be close to the sparkling water so you can enjoy what the area is all about. This beach is stunning as it is filled with gorgeous sand and the water glistens under the bright skies.

Anyone that is hoping to enjoy the good weather that’s on offer will know this has to be on their list of things to do because a good beach is always fun.

2) Moccasin Lake Nature Park

With beautifully designed paths and gorgeous oak trees, there’s a sense of peacefulness at Moccasin Lake Nature Park that’s unheard of in other parts. By spending time around the park and simply soaking up its beauty, your day is going to brighten up in a hurry! It is one of those places that is well-reviewed and has to be a part of your itinerary, It can become a great family-friendly trip for those who want to step away from the beach and truly enjoy this region’s beauty.

3) Ruth Eckerd Hall

What about watching a live performance at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

There are many shows that take place at this venue and it can be a spot of fresh air as you step away from the outdoorsy locations. Instead, you can find a comfortable seat indoors and get away from the sun for a while as you want some of the finest live performances in all of Florida. Some of the brightest talents come through this venue and they put on quite the show.

If you are a person that is in love with the arts, this has to be on your list of things to do!

4) Belleview Biltmore Golf Club

Yes, this is a great way to enjoy yourself in Clearwater.

If you are someone that wants to play a round or two of golf then this is one of the best golf courses in the region. It is truly breathtaking and even walking around is going to leave you in awe of the natural beauty that’s on offer. It is one of those places that will provide a multitude of hidden gems that you’re going to fall in love with as soon as you take a peek. Make sure to visit this golf course, so you’re able to get a proper look into the charisma of Clearwater.

5) Northeast Coachman Disc Golf Course

What about playing a round of disc golf?

This is one of those sports that has become popular in Clearwater and is enjoyed by thousands of people on a regular basis. If you want to join in on the fun then it doesn’t get better than one of the world’s finest disc golf courses!

This is a disc golf course that is not only gorgeous but is also filled with fun rounds that will blow you away.

6) Clearwater Marine Aquarium

In a place that is close to the ocean, it is important to enjoy the marine life that’s present.

If you want to truly get a look at some of the local species that make Clearwater special then it’s time to visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This is the best aquarium in the area and is truly a great place to visit on your trip!

7) Deep Sea Fishing

Clearwater is very well known for its deep sea fishing. There are many great deep sea fishing charters to choose from. Going with a fishing charter is the clear way to go. The captain and crew will take care of everthing and their expertise will lead to some big game catches!

It is going to be an experience of a lifetime and will leave you wanting more as time goes on. This is what makes it special and meaningful.

Clearwater Sunset

Anyone that will be spending time in Clearwater needs to create a simple checklist and make sure the experience is a good one!

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