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Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry is a five-member advisory committee established in UUC's by-laws to monitor and assess the ministry within the congregation. Ministry includes relationships among members, the leadership/committees and the minister – are we all supporting one another as we work towards our Vision and Mission. To make suggestions email Paul Langrock or Ray Williamson, or put your comments in the Committee on Ministry mailbox at UUC.

  “Committees on Ministry are designed to track the heartbeat of ministry within a congregation; how the members...take care of themselves and each other, how the lay ministerial leadership serves a congregation; and how the called minister serves the congregation. It seeks to understand, assess, support, and advocate for robust ministry throughout the context of congregational life”
Writes Rev. Anne Heller, district executive of the Pacific Northwest District, in her book, Churchworks: A Well-Body Book for Congregations (Skinner House, 1999).

The Committee on Ministry is a five-member committee that meets monthly with the Minister. Two members are chosen by the Senior Minister, one by the Board of Directors, and two are elected by the congregation. Members serve for two years and overlap one another for continuity of knowledge and function. Their names and contact numbers are printed on the back of the monthly Octagram.

The Committee’s function is set forth in the UU by-laws, as follows:
1.  To continually assess the nature and scope of the ministry needs of the Church and articulate those needs to the Minister.
2.  To keep the congregants aware of the nature and scope of the work of the minister and the congregation and to work with the Board of Trustees in an annual assessment/evaluation of both.
3.  To aid the Minister in carrying out effective ministry by being available for counsel and responding to cares and concerns of the Minister or his/her family.
4.  To advise the Minister concerning conditions within the congregation in order to strengthen and improve relationships.
5.  To work with the Minister on his/her continuing education programs, sabbatical and any professional development he/she plans, and advise the Board and congregation of such plans.
6.  To work with the Minister, Board, and appropriate committees to develop the ministerial contract and the compensation package.
7.  To consult with the Minister on candidates that may be recommended for any other open ministerial position.
8.  To execute the biennial Congregation Assessment/Survey.

It is important that both the minister and the congregation strive to foster a caring, loving congregation: a congregation that supports one another, takes care of one another, and encourages the best from one another. To facilitate this involvement, it is important for congregants to communicate with the Committee on Ministry and to give it feedback on both the good ways we support one another, and on areas where we need more work.